How Can An Unemployed Also Make A Good Budget for A Funeral?

How Can An Unemployed Also Make A Good Budget for A Funeral?

The Bible says

Before the silver cord snaps and the gold bowl shatters; the jar is broken at the spring and the wheel is crushed at the pit; before dust returns to the earth as it was before and the life-breath returns to God who gave it.

Ecclesiastes 12 : 6-7


Death! This is a genuine fact that you never want to think about it. But at some point, everyone has to face such ppenetrating situation of losing a loved one. The loss of a loved one could be very heavy emotional breakdown but if you are not careful, it can seize an economic one as well. Especially during the case of a sudden death, it can be financially tough situation for low budget families or an individual. As! The funeral arrangement and everything that goes wants is possible only with money. If you are working or financially good then it is no worry. But for a jobless and DSS aided people, it is more than a disaster to make rational decisions all through this emotional and difficult time.

If you are unlucky person who is planning a funeral, keeping a budget why it is essential.

Funeral Budget Sheet:

Funeral Cost

Embalming _____
Other preparations for the body _____
Casket/Cremation Urn _____
Clergy Fee _____
Burial Clothing _____
Viewing and ceremony _____
Basic services of funeral director _____
Service program printing _____
Transfer of remains (Hearse) _____
Transportation of family (Limousine) _____
Other ______________________
Other ______________________

Total Funeral Cost_______________

Burial Cost

Grave plot or crypt _______________
Vault or grave liner _______________
Memorial/Tombstone/Monument _______________
Opening and closing of the grave _______________
Site Care/Maintenance _______________
Other _____________________________________
Other _____________________________________

Total Burial Cost_______________

Additional Cost

Food and drinks_______________
Reception Site/Venue_______________
Casket/Cremation Urn_______________
Chapel Fee_______________
Long distance calls or faxes_______________
Thank you notes_______________
Other _____________________________________
Other _____________________________________

Total Additional Cost_______________

Total Cost_______________

The average cost of a funeral in the UK is around £4,271. In 2019’s economy time, that kind of money strain (especially if the loss is unpredictable) especially unemployment can paralyze a person’s finances.

Advised! Do not end your bank balance while paying the last tribute to your loved one. There are several ways to cut the funeral expenses, from which government financial help is one of them. Here are more tips that might be cut extra expenses.

The whole process to saying bye loved one is hard enough. For your dearest it is all insufficient that you can do. But if you make a plan to make all good this poignant moment without drain your finance. Some tips to help you 99.9% guaranteed.

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This depends on your living places, beliefs and availability, to put loved one’s remains to rest.


Sadly! Whether it is most common way to put body in rest but very expensive. A burial cost come under thousand including casket, gravesite, digging the grave, buying a grave liner/outer burial container, embalming, headstone cost with some extra events expenses that commonly accompany a funeral service. These are the cost that you can’t avoid.

If you start this buying from your surroundings, it may be difference comes in hundreds. If lower costing stuff done the same job the why go for expensive casket or headstones. So stay strong and keep on budget.

Traditional Burial or Cremation

Cremation is a great alternative of tradition burial; it allows a normal person to save on more expensive parts.

  • Funeral Service Planning

Try to come out from Your Emotions

It is just a service of putting remains to rest of loved ones. But this accomplishes by many other services including whatever else family wants.

Planning between the family wishes and what your budget can afford. Don’t put under risk yourself of debt; it could ruin your credit score.

Choose wisely only where you can cut down cost. Look for alternatives, many Churches host funeral cheaper or free than funeral home. Discuss options and make out right decisions.

Ask Financial Help or Donation for Funeral Service

There is a govt commission something called the Funeral Rule that provides financial support to overwhelmed families and person.
Sometime happens when some people won’t able to join the services and want to show their support. You can ask them for support, whether it is money or flower or something else you need for funeral.

As an alternate, you can apply online loan. There are some financial institution offered low interest or free money help. If you are lucky one, you can find a scheme to get a fund aid facility over your bad credit and unemployed status. This amount will be small and interest high, but it can have immediately when no other options and ways.

Wrapping It Up:

Your funeral cost and wallet dose not a measure of your love and respect for loved one. Honour your loved ones by keeping them alive in your heart and sharing good memories with mates and relatives.

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